Stand up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing water-sport in the world. We have the equipment and professionals that have introduced the sport to Ecuador. 



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Paddle Boarding originated in Hawaii, and uses a long surf board and paddle which allows you to paddle anywhere in the world. Depending on local and current conditions, your Paddle Board experience will differ, making every attempt unique!


Paddling is a great exercise that really focuses on core development. It is easy to learn and a lifetime to perfect!


Level 1: flat-water and basic paddling while learning balance and the equipment

Level 2: exposed water with small waves and white wash

Level 3: full wave paddling or surfing


Board & paddle rental available, as well as customized trips to various surf or picturesque locations.



Group classes (max 4 per group, 2 hours & includes board rental)

Private classes (includes board rental)

Tours available also dependent on conditions.


Please write us to talk about the prices.