Spanish is one of the largest spoken languages in the world, and one of the most desired languages to learn! Fortunately, the spanish spoken here in Ecuador is very clear, slower then other dialects, and therefore easier to learn which offers faster results and more motivation to continue learning.

Each individual learns in a unique environment and at their own pace. We offer both! GROUP and INDIVIDUAL classes, as well as an assortment of activities to better your spanish. Our 3 level system offers beginners a great base to start off, while our intermediate and advanced levels will walk you through a licensed program of excellence!

Spanish lessons for Beginners ( level A1 - A2 )

This program will further enhance your use and comprehension of the language in the everyday environment. Will give you a chance to use spanish in a social settings by learning standard greetings, expressing needs, making requests, ordering meals, asking directions and more.


Spanish lessons  Intermediate ( level B1 - B2 )

Take the next step in conversing in spanish! If you choose this option, you will devote your time to pronunciation, diction, diastratic and diaphasic varieties of Spanish, etc. This lessons will definitely improve your fluency in Spanish.


Spanish lessons Advanced ( level C1 - C2 )

Take the final step in speaking great spanish by enrolling in our advanced program! This course will leave you with the grammar and abilities to converse and indulge in the spanish language.

At this stage you will be able to learn more about the culture and share you personal insight and thoughts! Share who you are and laugh with friends in public, and enjoy the language that you have worked so hard to achieve!

Our scheduled or standard courses operate

- Each course focuses on grammar, writing, listening and speaking.

- Level test before the classes.

- Duration of the classes generally are 1.5 hours in the morning or afternoon.

- Certificate of the Spanish language.

- Courses schedule are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. 

We understand that scheduling may be difficult, and therefore are as flexible as needed to accommodate your requests. Please feel free to customize your class hours, length of classes, and structure of your course, and we will be sure to schedule based around those requests.



One-on-one classes tailor-made to suit the individual needs of the students, whatever their level may be. The lessons are ideal for those looking to deepen their knowledge, to practice any specific aspect of the Spanish language or to use Spanish in speciic situations such as business, tourism, hospitality, education, fashion, etc.

Our teaching team adapt to the needs and professional or educational objectives

of each student. 



1 hour $10 / $50 - 5h weekly. 

1.5 hours $15 / $75 - 7.5h weekly.

2 hours $20 / $100 - 10h weekly.


Health care workers understand that effective communication is essential. Don't let language and cultural barriers interfere with your ability to provide high quality care...learn spanish! Our Medical spanish course includes grammar and practice books, medical vocabulary, dialogs, illustrations, cultural topics, daily word and more. This classes have a duration of 2 hours per day Monday to Friday morning or afternoon. 




Private lessons 

2 hour $20 / $100 - 10h weekly. 


A group Spanish course is your chance to make friends discover local Ecuadorian culture and learn practical, hands-on Spanish in an intimate group setting. With a maximum of 6 students per class, you’ll take 7.5 hours per week (1.5 hours per day) worth of Spanish alongside students in your same level. Best of all, our group Spanish courses in Olon run in the morning, so have the afternoon to go exploring around the area.




(from 2-6 students maximum) 

1 hour $8 / $40 - 5h weekly.

1.5 hours $12 / $60 - 7.5h weekly.


We have  gathered a collection of materials and activities specially oriented towards making learning Spanish fun and effective for children of all ages. We have taught children from 5 years-old and upwards, and have teachers who have specialized in pacing learning to the learning style and attention span of children of different ages. Parents who wish to study with their children are welcome!

This classes have a duration of one hour per day Monday to Friday.  



Private lessons 

1 hour $9 / $45 - 5h weekly. 

Group lessons price per person

1 hour $7 / $35 - 5h weekly. 


The course is designed for students wanting to push their Spanish learning to the limits while they stay in Ecuador. If you choose this option, you will devote your time to pronunciation, diction, diastratic and diaphasic varieties of Spanish, etc. This course will definitely improve your fluency in Spanish.

The Intensive spanish course consist 15 hours per week, 3 hours per day with 15 minutes of break Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. 


Individual course  

3 hours $28 / $140 - 15h weekly.

Group course price per person.

3 hours  $21 / $105 - 15h weekly. 

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