Ecuador has incredible surf variety. There are an equal proportion of rights to lefts, and an equal proportion of points, rock reefs, jetties, river mouths and beach breaks. Some of the breaks, depending on their orientation, work best on north swells, others on south swells and others on combo or "West" swells, making Ecuador a very dynamic surf destination.


For a small country, Ecuador really has it all when it comes to catering to the surf community.





Our flexability is avaible to work around your schedule. Our surf instructors are happy to work with you when your have the free time or energy for surf classes. Private classes are the best way to get real hands on guidance in the waves and will get you riding much faster!

All levels are welcome. 


$25 per two hours of lesson.

includes surfboard and t-shirt 



Your children are safe with us!

Our surf school is known for good quality and fun lessons for your children. All classes for children are always taught separately from adult classes to ensure maximum safety for our little surfers. Let them try this amazing sport and you will see how quickly they will feel comfortable dealing with the sea, the waves and a surfboard. We can teach the children in English and Spanish


Important note:

Your children should be able to swim alone.

We are taking children from 7 years old and up. (We make exceptions for the younger ones, if conditions permit and we have additional teachers available).

Are your children under the age of 7?

No problem, contact us so we can organize a special class for younger surfers.

$ 7 per child

1.5h per day 

includes surfboard, t-shirt.

groups of up to 4 students

all levels are welcome


Our introductory course is a wonderful way to get your feet wet in the surfing world! You dont need any previous experience surfing, or you may have triend a few times prior. Let our experienced instructorys get you riding waves in a fun and social environment!

For all levels, especially Basic, intermediate.

Structure of Class:

  • practice on the beach

  • surfing in the whitewash

  • knowledge of equipment

  • proper placement during paddling

  • proper paddling techniques

  • learn proper duck-diving and roll techniques

  • property stand up techniques

  • basic turn techniques

  • learn how to time and count waves

  • ultimately learn how to stand up on the face of a wave

$ 75 per week  per person 

Monday - Friday

2 hours per day (10 hours per week) 

includes surfboard and t-shirt



We offer surf trips designed around your exact request! Our custom surft trips are a great way to learn the entire coastline of Ecuador, and surf the best & secret breaks that the average traveller will not find. We love organzing these adventures and maximing the time you have here in Ecuador by providing everything you want to experience within you timeline schedule. 

Your requests and preferences are important to us, and therefore we consider the following info when customizing your surf adventure:

  • duration of your trip 

  • level of surfing and skill set

  • wave preference

  • other activities that you wish to include during your trip

  • amount of travellers

  • specific locations you want to visit

  • level / class of accommodations preferred

  • where you want to start and finish you trip

  • budget

$ please ask 



Our Instructors will inform you when they feel you are ready to step up to our intermediate classes. If at any time you feel you are ready for more advanced instruction you can let us know!

Structure of Class:

  • open water surf with qualified surf instructor

  • classes are scheduled during the best tide for cleanest waves

  • surf the local coastline & breaks with the cleanest wave that day

  • practise quicker stand up techniques 

  • learn property positiononing by learning how to cound and read the waves at an advanced level

  • learn which part of the wave is best for popping up, and what part of the face is best for riding

  • improve duck diving and rolls

$ 75 per week

Monday - Friday

2 Hours Per day (10 hours per week)

includes surfboard and t-shirt

groups of up to 2 students



We have a variety of high quality surfboards for rent. Anything from high performance short boards, mid-size fun board, and long boards.

Why rent a surfboard from us? 


Try different boards.
You can freely change around.


Shortboard, Longboard,Fish
We have got you covered.


Rent for 2hrs, half day, full day 

or longer.

$5 1h up to 3 hours per day.

$12 all day

$50 week

$150 monthly 

Ask us about surf accessories 

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