Ceviche de Pescado, Ecuadorian Food a way to learn a new culture and language!

The cuisine in South America is very well known for its fresh ingredientes and in many ways alike. However, every country likes to put his own touch. Peruvian gastronomy is one of the most recognized world wide, but who has not heard about Argentinean meat, chilean wine, colombian arepas? Every country has its own unique dishes. Ecuador is no exception. Like in most countries in the coastal area seafood is the most common, fresh fruits, green plantain fried (patacones) and rice, yeah! we know, we really like rice!

Discovering other languages

Food offers a great opportunity to learn about different languages. Finding out how to pronounce foreign-language menu items and translating them into English are sure-fire ways to build a new vocabulary and friends. In Ecuador you can learn more about the culture, people, vocabulary and many other things that will make learning a new language, in this case spanish a fun journey!

If you are interested to learn more about our traditions in gastronomy, keep reading, recipe will follow:

Main Dishes and typical Ecuadorian food in the coast

Ceviches, also known as cebiches (both spellings are acceptable), are very popular all around Ecuador, but especially at the beach.

Ceviche – a typical seafood dish and it’s very popular at the coast of South America, for example Peru has in its recipe a fusion of fish and grains from the Andes, ecuadorian version is more simple. Ceviche is raw seafood marinated in Lime, chopped onions, tomato, and salt. In Olon, it is usually served with garnishes such as rice, thick green plantain chips called patacones or Chifles, green plantain chips.

Our Recipe:

Prep time 15 minutes

6 servings


1 medium red onion, thinly sliced (about 2 cups), divided

1 cup orange juice

2 tomatos sliced

4 limes, juiced (about ½ cup), divided


Olive oil


Coriander (Optional)

Fish ceviche is almost always made with a locally caught mild, white fish called corvina. Americans know it as sea bass. Finely chopped, the raw fish is tossed with lots of lime juice. Ceviche de Pescado it rarely comes with the tomato-based sauce.

First step: Pour 1/2 cup lime juice over onions in bowl; toss to evenly coat. Refrigerate 3 hours to marinate or a good amount of time, till its flavor is soft and nice.

Mix tomato, mustard, orange juice and ketchup with remaining lime juice in large glass or plastic bowl.

Drain onions; discard marinade. Add half the onions to fish mixture; mix lightly.

Divide among 12 small serving bowls; top with remaining onions and cilantro (coriander optional)

Learning About Other Cultures Through Food, is one way to also improve your spanish skills, would you like the recipe in spanish to try it out? Not problem, you can request it here

Our favorite place to find a good ceviche: Right at the beach in Olon!!

Outdoor Ecuador Spanish and Surf school and its associated El Cafe de la Negra offer a good menu with Ecuadorian food. We recommended to check it out!









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