What to expect in Olon - Ecuador?

There are many excuses to come to Olon, one scape the winter, two learn spanish, three learn a new culture, four discover South America, five practice surf and the list goes on and on.. So if you are looking to make good use of your swimsuit and sunglasses, here is our recommendation for the best beach in Ecuador. Kick off your shoes, sit back and relax. Let this gorgeous beach take your breath away!

Getting to Olon from Guayaquil

If you want to travel direct from Quito or Guayaquil airport to Olon, there are two ways that I personally recommend:

Fly from Quito to Guayaquil (This flight will take 45 minutes and will cost you around 50 dollars one way, price might vary depending of the season) I recommend LATAM, Avianca and Tame that offer this route almost each hour.

Once in the Guayaquil airport you can pre-book a private transport that will take you directly to Olon for around 80 to 100 dollars (almost 3 hours ride). The Spanish School offers this service, Ivonne and Luis organized this transfer for me, it was great, safe and comfortable.

However, if you prefer to take the public transport. Once you arrive in Guayaquil grab a taxi to the bus terminal (takes 10 minutes and cost around 4 dollars). The bus terminal looks like a shopping mall with a food court in the first floor, shops in the second floor, the departure platform is at the third floor which is very convenient because you can buy the tickets for the bus to Olon at the third floor as well. Just look for the Cooperativa CLP which offers one ride almost each hour straight to Olon.

Olon is a small village located along side of the Pacific Ocean in the coast of Ecuador. The Beach of Olon is one of the longest and most beautiful of the Ecuadorian Coast, with a length of over 7.6 km. Along its path you can find a lot of local Flora and Fauna, and some great places to relax, eat, drink and stay! The activities in the area include many interactions with locals, because they are very friendly and open to talk to foreign, not everybody speaks english but they have a lot of patience to talk with my broken spanish. After the first couple days, I realized how important is to learn spanish, not only to be able to communicate, besides to really get to know the real Ecuador, its people, its culture, its traditions.

Learning a language abroad is the ultimate way to feed your wanderlust as well as create new opportunities in your life. I had learning spanish in South America as my number 3 wish in my bucket list. I needed a break from work and from my daily routine so, I got this chance and search for a good spanish school in Ecuador.

Why to choose Ecuador as a holiday destination? Ecuador has it all, mountains, jungle, tropical beaches, cities, Galapagos, nice weather, safe, good gastronomy, dollar as their currency, cheap, friendly and welcoming culture, tourist-oriented destination. The question is why not?

My first option was Montañita but after researching more about the party-surfer town, I decided that I prefer to get more Ecuadorian real integration, and Olon and Outdoor Spanish School were the perfect place. Olon is only five minutes by taxi from Montañita, so I can go anytime for a nice dinner, drink or just talk in english with another tourist. Olon by the contrary has the little village atmosphere with restaurants, bars, hostels, some tourist and expats too. For me was very important to support the local economy, involve with the locals and community and Olon was perfect! Is not just a touristic town, is a little paradise!

Outdoor Spanish School is owned by Ivonne and Luis (born and raised in the area), they are two young entrepreneurs that will welcome you with open arms, friendly smiles and certified and experienced teachers. I found that two or three students with one teacher was a great format for learning. The classes moved along at our pace, with the teacher able to spend more time on things we needed and practice with each one of us which is not possible in big group classes. Cost were surprisingly low and quality way far from my expectations, I can say I speak Spanish now… thanks to them, of course I put a lot of effort, practice every day, did my homework, chat with people. The best money I've ever spent!

The Outdoor Family will welcome you with open arms, a big smile, certified and experienced teachers
Outdoor Spanish School Family #outdoorspanishschool

My surfing lessons experience

I did not how to surf, I also didn't plan to learn how to surf, I consider myself not sportive guy.. but I like walks on the beach, I enjoyed every day long walks on the beach and in some point I got attracted by surfers in Olon and people with all ages and genders learning how to surf, I asked myself why not? why not to learn how to surf? Olon offers the best conditions to learn, waves are good for every level, water is warm the whole year and my school Outdoor Spanish School had amazing surf instructors and more important Ecuador is a great surfing destination.


So, I finally took action and surfed for the first time! I did not need to wear a wetsuit to Surf in Ecuador great! Beginner boards tend to be long and thick, the once that Outdoor Spanish School provide were good and stable. The challenge was handling the board in the water, but my surf instructor gave good advises before to enter. When you learn how to surf, you need to figure out your stance, whether you are goofy or natural footed. This means choosing the side you feel more comfortable with when leaning on the board and place the equipment in the correct way.

Long story short, I love it! I managed to stand up four glorious times and I was really proud of it! Thanks to Luis and Antonio I understood the timing and I tried to remember their instructions the whole time, but actually I didnt need it because they were there next to me! I felt safe! I cant recommend it enough after few weeks practicing, with pain in my arms, tanning lines ... I felt comfortable and ready for bigger waves. Today I keep practicing every time I can, it turns out is never too late to learn how to surf!

In conclusion... I really really love Olon!

Author: Hans Peter one of our lovely students!! copy rights Hans!

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